Well this looks different

If you just loaded up this page and feel like things look a bit different, you're right. I've decided to kick the tires on a write.as based site. I'd say for no particular reason, but in reality there's a couple of reasons.

The main is procrastinating via tweaking blog and PKM sites, poking at themes, building random features (or implementing them differently just because I can) is simply too easy when I control the stack. My thinking with a hosted option like this is simple: minimize my ability to tweak, poke, and drag my feet. Force only one option, actually creating content, and I just might do it.

Reason number two is actually pretty exciting, because this is happening:

Yep, I'm actually going to put focused effort into writing interesting content, and making my twitter feed a bit less of an embarrassing ghost town.

Let's see how this all pans out.

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