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Hey there

I'm Bryan, and you've found my slice of the web. This site contains thoughts extracted from my personal knowledge base and blog posts that generally geek out on tech, dev, ops, and whatever randomness suits the day.

In case the content didn't make it clear, I'm a developer by day. And by night. Sometimes those two blend together quite a bit. My day to day is building fault tolerant systems in (mostly) Golang and Typescript on AWS that either service very high scale use cases or enable large numbers of other developers to do the same.

When not doing the tech thing, I enjoy time with my typical suburban family consisting of one wife, two kids, and two dogs. While we do all the expected things, I try to get in a bit of extra focus on my interests of cooking / being a foodie, dog training, home automation (yeah yeah, still tech) and all things fitness / weight lifting / biology.

Where to find me

I tend to lurk and dodge social media, the latter with limited effectiveness. Best ways to catch up are: