So you want to learn DynamoDB... skip the fluff & go right to the 400 level course with this video

If you want to learn DynamoDB, you need a video that makes you 🤯. Here's my reco for the best one on the topic.

There are a lot of videos and blogs about DynamoDB.

And I've watched/read more than I care to admit. While most hit the basics, they tend to miss out on the advanced, real-world application. And very few give that [Keanu voice] “Woah” moment.

But the #1 must watch video on DynamoDB I've found is Advanced Design Patterns for DynamoDB by Rick Houlihan. (Plenty of Woahs waiting in this one)

Here's a teaser of what it covers:

  1. Real, concrete examples of relational data modeled in DDB.
  2. Partition Key and Secondary Key deep dives & best practices
  3. Examples of mixing different data types in a GSI (Index Overloading design pattern)
  4. Access pattern analysis from one of the best in the biz.
  5. An example with a dozen access patterns supported by two GSIs on a single table. 🤯 One of the single best aha moments of any DDB resource around.

And so much more ...

Honestly, this video changed my perspective and continues to influence each of my DDB designs. Sometimes you just have to see the examples put to practice to really understand the power. Why not learn it from a master of his craft?

If you are at all interested in DynamoDB, do yourself a favor and clear your calendar to give this a watch.

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