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June 2, 2015
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Solved by Code

Not just a cool name

Several years ago I was trying to come up with a decent name to use when taking on software contracts. Rather than just picking any old arbitrary name, I wanted something that really hit the point of what it is I do. Putting the idea of solving a real problem first, and the technology second pretty much nails it; hence Solved by Code. Whatever the problem, simple or complex, technology needs to be a supporting role. While I enjoy coming up with impressive feats of engineering just as much as the next programming geek, at the end of the day the real satisfaction is in successfully delivering a solution. After all, how can you solve the world’s problems if you’re never getting your projects out into the wild?

Developer geekery

As a side effect of focusing on solutions instead of technology, I’ve found being a true full-stack polyglot to be extremely effective. When tackling a new project, being able to think through the issues from a consumer at 20,000 ft down to specific model interactions in code really shapes how a solution is designed. Because of this I have managed to become very adept at a range of languages and frameworks, from Elixir (my current infatuation) to Scala, Node.js to Ruby & Rails, C# to C for Arduino, and many things in between.

Made it? Say Hi!

If you have a brilliant idea or a problem in need of a solution, drop me an email here. Even if you aren’t looking to revolutionize the world, I’d still love to hear from you. So click that link and send an email anyway. After all, you took the time to read about me, the least I can do is say thanks via email.